Monastery of the Ten Rimes



A Mutian monastery complex high up in the inaccessible peaks of the Apellian mountains; one of the largest in the Hearthlands, it is actually comprised of two buildings, seperated high upon the peaks of Mount Himnn and Mount Eru respectively. Between is constructed a gigantic stone bridge, its base carved with the Scoretwin Devils writhing in agony after their battle at The Finest Hospice.

The monastery itself is ancient; parts of the building date back to before the New Kingdoms, when experts believe it was used as a waystation for travelling mercenaries and barbarian armies. Later generations of monks have added new towers, moats, walls and keeps so that the whole thing sprawls across the mountaintops in a labyrinthine fever-dream of votive flags, crennelated semfries and eerie, windblown hallways.

The monastery is around two week’s travel from Stoneguard, the nearest city, and the alpine weather is so severe that it supports no airship port; the monks are, for all intents and purposes, cut off. This arrangement, it seems, is one that the monks crave, but this blissful isolation does not stop hundreds of pilgrims attempting to reach the place every year; many die of exposure, though most complete their journey to accomplish two acts of devotion; to sit in the cell of Tullus, the semi-legendary cleric-poet who had residence at the monastery in the third century, and to kiss the musty and mouldering Brilaraimen, a carefully sewn tapestry said to comprise of all the clothing worn by Bahamut in his lifetime. More garments, seemingly magicked from nothing, are added to the collection each year, and the emaciated and frostbitten pilgrims kneel on calloused knees to kiss its hem through the tiny golden aperture at the foot of its ostentatious shrine, before blowing the prayer horns and clapping, an action thought to cause avalanches, a sign of Bahamut’s favour.

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Monastery of the Ten Rimes

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