The Panopticon



A towering edifice of local sandstone, and one of the oldest buildings in Fallcrest, the Panopticon was originally the ancestral keep of the Baron, ruler of the then-insignificant border city during the time of the New Kingdoms. However, once the Consortium took over, they wasted no time in using the building as a potent symbol of their influence and power, stripping all ostentation from both its innards and outers, rendering it unto a monk’s refuge, a shell of its former majesty, and a true place of bloodless business.

Contained within its hundreds of rooms are all the workings of the Consortium machine; tribunals, hearings, impounds, councils, clerks, cubbies, endless sheets of parchment and the clink of millions of coins changing hands. At its base is a wide set of stairs, where beggars, formerly shopowners and merchants, beg for loans or bribes. These descend to the river and its markets, the reason for Fallcrest’s being and the hunting ground of the Consortium. The Panopticon is the only building where one can see the whole of Fallcrest, and the only building to rise above the lip of the Abyss; its highest room, the fabled High Mastiff’s study, is considered an almost holy point of surveillance and control.

The Panopticon

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