Biblio Teq

Warlock, Lover, Avid Reader


TOTAL XP: 5500

Race: Tiefling

Level: 5

Class: Warlock

Paragon Path: N/A

Epic Destiny: N/A

Size: M

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Height: 5’10"

Weight: 75kg

Alignment: Unaligned

Deity: Ioun

Adventuring Company: Deep We Go





AC 19
REF 18

Ability Scores

Strength 10 (Mod +0)
Constitution 11 (Mod +0)
Dexterity 10 (Mod +0)
Intelligence 17 (Mod +3)
Wisdom 8 (Mod -1)
Charisma 21 (Mod +5)


Speed 6 (Base 6)


Passive Insight 11
Passive Perception 11


1 Acrobatics
10 Arcana
2 Athletics
16 Bluff
9 Diplomacy
1 Dungeoneering
2 Endurance
1 Heal
5 History
1 Insight
12 Intimidate
1 Nature
1 Perception
5 Religion
4 Stealth
12 Streetwise
2 Thievery

Hit Points

HP 43
Bloodied 21
Surge Value 10
Surges 6

Saving Throw Mods: None

Resistances: +7 Fire Resistance

Action Points


Basic Attacks

Eldritch Blast: Cha vs. Ref, 1[W] + Dex
Sickle: Str vs. AC, 1d10 + Cha


Improved Misty Step
Warlock’s Wrath
Rod Expertise



Class Features

Fey Pact
Prime Shot
Shadow Walk

Race Features

Low-Light Vision
Fire Resistance
Infernal Wrath

Religion Bonuses



Book Learning
Your first love, beyond battle or adventure, is for books, scrolls, grimoires and documents of all types. You have read widely and have developed skills for reading between the lines of even the most opaque text. For any checks relating to literary materials or matters, you gain +2 to your check.


Secrets Of The Mind
The being that saved you from death in Dun is a hard secret to keep, and at times you have trouble remaining a functioning member of society, exhausting yourself with constant self-control and vigilance. When you take an extended rest, you regain all but 5 of your HP.



At-Will: Eldritch Blast, Eyebite
Encounter: Witchfire, Otherwind Stride
Daily: Curse of the Dark Dream, Crown of Madness
Utility: Ethereal Stride


Rod of Corruption
Skald’s Leather Armour
Cloak of Resistance
Natty hat
Adventurer’s Kit
Bag of Holding
Bloody Nail
Sniper Rifle (taken from Rakshasa Sniper)
Health Potion
Mystery Potion (brewed by Poet’s Moss)

Gold And Other Wealth



“Your life for theirs, tiefling. One soul for half a dozen. Not, I think, such a bad deal.”

Biblio Teq’s journey began four years ago, in the rain-slicked streets of Dun, where a righteous mob gathered around an unassuming townhouse. Clutching pitchforks, torches and empty bottles, the motley mixture of hungry farmers and tiswined alley-cats were there to rid themselves of the demons that had been cursing their harvests, poisoning their cows and casting dark ’fluences on their trade. They would kill the Biblio* family, and forever purge the town of tieflings. Ever since the horned ones had arrived from the Harrow, some years before, there had been nothing but trouble.

As hobnailed boots rattled off doorframes and rocks tore delicate windows to shards, the youngest son of Biblio Asemodus, Teq, stood in the gloom and trembled, stripped of his quick tongue and sharp wit. A bookseller by trade, he had nothing to defend his family with but a rusty sword and abject fear. He looked around at the parents, sisters and brothers that had raised him, and pledged he would do anything to save them.

To his surprise, he got a reply.

A voice filled his mind, rich, powerful and filled with unerring confidence. It told him that it could not only pluck the Biblios from their present troubles, but keep them safe from prejudice and fear forever. In exchange, all it wanted was his life.

“You’ll kill me?” he whispered.

“No, idiot, I said I want your life, not your death. All of it.”

At that moment, a terrible cracking noise filled the hallway, closely followed by a hail of splintering wood. And bathed in flickering torchlight, filled with dread, Teq pledged his entire being away. The room was bathed in a blinding white light.

When he awoke, it was in an unfamiliar bed, with a stranger’s clothes neatly stowed beside him. Letting himself out into the street through what he recognised as the taproom of the Woodsman, Dun’s finest inn, Teq rushed to his family home. It was a hive of activity, and for a moment he dreaded the sight of looters or worse. As he grew closer he saw the men were carrying planks of wood, and spotted his brother, Taelor, cheerfully strolling among them.

“We had a bit of trouble last night,” said a voice behind him. Teq span round to see his father stood alongside a man he recognised as Jiembal, head of the town’s craftman’s guild. “Worst hailstorm I’ve ever seen.”


“Oh yes, smashed most of our windows. Damn near blew our door off its hinges to boot,” laughed the tiefling, his crimson skin mirroring Teq’s. “Luckily, Jiembal got his boys round first thing this morning. Looks like we were the only place to be hit so badly.”

The bald, portly little man smiled at Teq, an act that would have been unthinkable the day before.

“Oh,” he mumbled. “Well, that’s very generous.”

“Anyway, must be off. Just thought it would be nice to have a chat with a fellow tiefling. You in Dun long?”

Suddenly, a sliver of knowledge emerged in Teq’s mind, and he knew the true cost he’d paid the night before. When the creature had claimed his life, it had meant from his first breath to his dying gasps. The family he had been willing to die for was no longer his own – their memories, along with everybody else’s, had been weighed on the scales and duly handed over.

“No. No, I don’t think I will be,” he said, fighting the emotion in his voice.

“Shame, it’s a good place to be a tiefling,” sighed the man who was no longer his father. “Very tolerant.” With a nod, Asemodus joined Jiembal, strolling cheerfully towards the ruined door.

And Teq he knew he had go to the town of Bordown, two days walk to the nourth, and deliver a message to a dwarf named Salter.

For four years, Teq has been serving his unnamed master. He has channeled mysterious energies against vicious bandits, stolen from barons and spent a week hiking through trackless terrain in order to move a small pebble a matter of inches. Stripped of family, friends and any purpose beyond his current mission, Teq has become imbued with an almost nihilistic worldview. He lives for the moment, and without any particular concern for the consequences. His only real joy comes from his ever-rotating collection of books – a holdover from his old trade and usually kept safe and sound in his bag of holding.

Teq usually works alone, and is not aware of how many – if any – other agents his patron is controlling. Likewise, he has no real idea of the name, nature or intention of the creature he serves. Over the past year or so, however, his missions (imparted directly into his mind) have been including more and more combat, something at which Teq is coming increasingly skilled.

Most recently, he found himself on the road to a coastal city by the name of Winterhaven. His mind is aglow with eldritch instructions and, for the first time in a while, burning curiosity.

*The naming structure to the Biblio’s ancestors specifies that one’s family name comes before one’s personal name.

Biblio Teq

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