The Black Cube

A Mysterious Totem Of Ancient Aspect


A sleek black cube of unknown material and provenance, around two inches square and surprisingly heavy. It is completely null, and does not make a sound when handled or dropped; the Haze does not seem to touch it at all. Despite its weight, it can be carried comfortably by a strong individual.


The cube was found amongst the bones of Szatharrax the dragon by the dwarf Vardin after the fearsome creature had been incinerated by the dwarf’s fellows in the caverns beneath Kobold Hall. Sensing the importance and percieved value of the object, he secreted it amongst his belongings.

When before the Consortium Liason Committee within the Panopticon in Fallcrest to collect their bounty, Vardin was surprised that the High Mastiff Elenaor Callabrixion was present at the hearing. She interrogated the party as to what they had found in the caverns below Baffin Point, and paid particular attention to Vardin, which the suspicious dragonborn Dazriael Pelkor noticed. The dwarf did not reveal the existence of the cube, and they exited the Panopticon with their bounty in hand.

Whilst aboard the airship The Rise and Fall, Ramnon Damakos revealed the existence of the cube and its value to the Consortium and other powerful agents, but admitted that he did not know its purpose. He stated, however, that he knew that it was key to unlocking the secret of the Nourthern Waists.

The party remained in possession of the cube until captured by hobgoblins in the town of Krioboly. Despite their best efforts, it remained behind at the slaver’s encampment when they escaped with a trade caravan after a failed ambush.

The Black Cube

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