Freg Callabrixion



The eight-year-old granddaughter of the High Mastiff of Fallcrest, Elenaor Callabrixion, and the ultimate heiress to the Callabrixion fortune. She is often known as the “Lovely Shot” by the adoring public, who state that she is far too sweet to live in such a place as Fallcrest, and should be ejected by cannon for her own sake. Her mother, Blo Callabrixion, died in childbirth, and the child is kept by the many employees on the Callabrixion Estate.

Her beaming face and cascading, doll-like hair is used on the packaging of many of the Callabrixion products, including many of their toys and foodstuffs. However, former maids have stated that the heiress is a vile creature, given to tantrums and ordering the deaths of servants for infractions as minor as overheating a bedpan, or burning porridge.

Many popular jokes begin with a scenario in which Freg and Heleg Krux, the youngest of the large rival clan, meet at the point of the Scimitar, and begin to speak of the topics of the day.

Freg Callabrixion

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