The proliferation of unstable, expensive “luxuries” infused with artificial Haze energy that have been produced in the last century, many of them introduced with the Cloud Compact and various diplomatic efforts between the city-states, Ohp and God’s Hand, has increased numbers of other phenomena; injuries, weftings, madness, death. The Haze has always been a fickle fuel, and its misuse has dire consequences. Much can be achieved, of course, by the elimination of superstition, education, agreements with mage enclaves and responsible use. When a more immediate solution is required, haze-sand is the best solution.

A piebald powder, haze-sand is only found in one location, in the form of towering sea-stacks found nearly a thousand leagues offshore from the Helshod Fraternities. Numerous statutes in neighbouring states limit the amount of rock that can be mined, but a thriving smuggling business operates almost without impunity. The rocks are entirely null, the largest natural null objects in the Hearthlands, and the rock taken from them is sifted, ground, and distributed through both official and shadowy conduits. Its most common use is as a packing agent for fey creatures and Haze-infused objects, especially during transit, though it is used anywhere where the Haze becomes a true issue, which is to say, anywhere. In the Sporrus small amounts are mixed into every building material, and it has been incorporated into many religious ceremonies, scattered in doorways, on rooftops, and over the heads of revellers.


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