Horrage Callabrixion



What Horrage Callabrixion, the quiet, unassuming ancestor of the current High Mastiff of Fallcrest, did for a living, is the subject of almost constant conjecture in both the high and low places of the Lowest Gathering. It is true that she was a dancer in her youth, but officially such activities took place in the well-dusted halls of the Callabrixion Estate, overseen by her future husband and a legion of socialite admirers. There are hundreds, if not thousands, who claim to have seen her dance nude even then, when her skin was taught and she knew where she was, underneath the docks in the nourth. Others, more unkind but earnest, state that in later years, when her mind was dulled and her bones warped, she would escape from the Scimitar and shuffle her way back to those old holes and crack her way out of expensive dresses to attempt the moves for which she had been famous.

The Callabrixions themselves remember her as a grandmother, a house_wif_ and a society womannish of the highest character. Those places where she was known as “Uld Horr” choose differently than her powerful descendants.

Horrage Callabrixion

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