A transliteration of the Furspeak word Krr’Lnn, referring to the young of the rakshasa species. Like dragonborn, rakshasa are born in litters, though do not emerge from eggs. Rakshasa society maintains a strict policy of detachment; a male rakshasa and his kitterling’s mother do not socialise after mating, and he never sees his young again; the competitive nature of Pr society means that a father would be socially obliged to kill and eat them before they reach maturity.

Instead, vast burrows are constructed in the grasslands for thousands of litters, divided strictly along caste lines. Brought up by nurses (and occasionally their own mothers), rakshasa grow in a world of strict rules and staunch barriers, the lower castes destined for a life of savage competition and hard labour, and the higher celebrated from birth for their “abilities”. The working castes are also introduced to the pungentions at this age, their young minds lulled to sleep every night by expertly-weaved characters from cattish lore, leading them their whole lives by an illusory hand.

Away from Pr, rakshasa kitterlings rarely exhibit the same competition and viciousness, and are reknowned for their curiosity and friendliness.


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