The dwarves have never codified their civilisation in a way that is meaningful to other spirits; it may supposed that in the deepest, first tunnels of their hives, long before they rose above the ground, there are equations scratched there by distant proto-dwarves, attempting to quantify existence, conscienceness, and the rule of law. It is still not really known if religion exists amongst their ranks, as, for every hive dwarf, work and sex come first; the former to provide livelihood and lodging, and the latter to bring them closer to their Queen, the primogenitor of their community and security for the future.

The Queens are the only female dwarves known to exist, part of a rare strain in the dwarven race that appears only once every generation, from the ribbed belly of their mother, and the seed of some anonymous soldier or digger. Such a birth marks the decline of the current Queen, in most eventualities; when her daughter grows in bulk and power, they fight, and the mother is usually eaten by the daughter. At a few points in history the fight has ended differently, and no Queen has ever died from natural causes; their size only increases as they age, and their lifespan could range into the thousands.

The Queen resides at the centre of her hive, holding supreme court over all political, social and military matters, and tending her family. She mates several times a day, with every member of her hive, though a cadre of plump “lovers” surround her at all times, and take more than their fair turn. Most are spoiled but formidable, well-used to adoration and comfort, but shrewd in matters of state.


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